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According to the construction offered by MediKommunikáció, the company who will guarantee the long-term lease purchases the devices of your selection and will provide to your use within the framework of a leasing contract. The leased equipment will be included in the books of the service-providing company. A previously defined fee with a determined deadline, which is based on the leasing contract, will be invoiced with the defined VAT which might be accounted for in line with relevant legislation. Taking into consideration the accrual concept the net value of rent invoice might be accounted for as expenses.
Leasing and Savings
Leasing optimizes your tax savings because it is in full eligible expenses. You might maintain your liquidity, remain financially independent, and protect your own capital, so you might manoeuvre at your bank in terms of loan. This very affordable solution will help you to initiate a greater amount of investment and to gain even higher ahead of competitors. This will not affect your spending because our low fees allow you to be able to calculate your costs in advance.
Important features of the leasing:
  1. Maturity: 2-5 years
  2. Currency: HUF, EUR
  3. Limit: HUF 200,000+
  4. Financed devises: IT, telecommunication and office equipment (excluding installation and installation costs)
Documents required for qualification:
  1. Certificate of registry
  2. Signature card
  3. Copies of ID and address card of signatory (both sides)
  4. Closed tax year preceding the annual balance sheet accounts (income statement)
Note: We provide this funding opportunity not only to the devices sold by MediKommunikáció!