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The Gigaset’s portfolio has been expanded with a new products!

The Gigaset’s portfolio has been expanded with brand new desk/wall-mountable phones. The recent model, the DA 610 already has been available on the market from the end of June. The DA710 series is the replacement of Euroset 5020 – the earlier successful model.

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Mobility is simply, help with OpenScape Mobile!

For today’s enterprise, mobility is the most important of all communications. Simply adding mobility to an enterprise is not enough. Mobility needs to be integrated into the business processes in order to create a true competitive advantage. The customers, employees can communicate by seamlessly between each other and available the share applications, folders as you sit in your office.

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Development from Siemens OpenScape Office and Hipath 3000!

On 6 of June, 2012, Siemens-Enterprise has announced the new release of Siemens OpenScape V3R3 and Siemens HiPath V9R2. This release includes enhanced UC clients, expanded IT Integration capabilities and extended Contact Center functionality. OpenScape Office offers the most complete UC offering for small and medium enterprises (SMBs) on the market today, including: voice, conferencing services, web-collaboration including video, presence, mobility, social networking and multi-channel contact center capabilities.

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Innovation from Panasonic!

Panasonic has renewed their wireless telephone product line. As usual the new products have more functions and better exterior look then the old series.

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Changes in the portfolio of Gigaset/Euroset

The Gigaset/Euroset has withdrawn some products from the market, but some telephones won’t be terminated completely just replaced by another series. These products are available while the stock lasts.

See below which products will be withdrawn and which products will be replaced by another series.

Withdrawn products:

  • Gigaset AS200
  • Gigaset AS200 DUO
  • Gigaset AS200A DUO
  • Gigaset AS300A
  • Gigaset AS300 DUO
  • Gigaset AS300A DUO

Terminated products but replaced by another type of telephones:

  • Gigaset AS200 series: Gigaset A120 series
  • Gigaset AS300 series: Gigaset A220 series ( end of May)
  • Euroset/Gigaset 5005: Gigaset DA310
  • Euroset/Gigaset 5010: Gigaset DA510
  • Euroset/Gigaset 5015: Gigaset DA610 ( end of June...)
  • Euroset/Gigaset 5020: Gigaset DA710 ( end of June...)

The Gigaset DA210 cable phonehas been in preparation - which is a basic phone, ideal for   home or  office use.

These products will be available in one colour – black - except for the Gigaset DA310 which will be available in two colours: black and white.


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Renewed the product range from Gigaset!

Besides updating some models the Gigaset introduced new devices as well - Euroset/Gigaset 5000 series - a vey popular product line which is satisfying home and office demands on high quality standard from Siemens  - has been under go some refreshments. Manufacturing of this series will be finished and will be replaced by DA series.

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Announced the latest version of OpenScape UC Suite

The OpenScape UC Suite will be AVAILABLE in June 2012! It have already proved that the new OpenScape UC Suite ensure the most integrated multimedia SIP engine based on next-generation and software-based architecture with unified management tools.

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TELES VoiPBox PRI like a 3rd Party device


The TELES VoiPBOX PRI became an officially  3rd party device supported by Siemens Enterprise Communications (SEN). The TELES VoiPBox PRI and the Siemens OpenScape Office V3 LX software PBX cooperation are justified by extensive testing.
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HiPath 3000 V9 is available…


Now If you upgrade – software only - HiPath V8 to V9 the end of April 2012, will be FREE of charge. Siemens last month had announced the availability of OpenScape Office V3R2 and HiPath 3000 V9. The part of the highlights of this announcement is the UC networking between OpenScape Office MX, LX and HX

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