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International project

The telecommunication tasks completed for the Hungarian subsidiary of  the international steel group, RUUKKI is considered as one of the most successful projects of MediKommunikáció.

About the company

With more than 50-year history, the Finland-based international company is dealing with production and distribution of steel products. It provides metal-based components and systems, also integrated system for the construction and engineering industry around the world. The products are used widely: for metal structures of department stores and warehouses and for metal based excavators and machinery of mining, as far as for metal-based components of buses. The originally called Rautaruukki, who has changed its name to RUUKKI in 2004, operates in 27 countries with 11700 employees. 

RUUKKI Hungary, the Hungarian subsidiary is the member of the Finnish steel group since 1998. IT tasks in eight countries of the Central European region was managed by the Hungarian subsidary and regional developments, which have been realized as a result of the expansion policy of the parent company, were controlled by Róbert Gyenis, the Central European IT Manager. As new subsidiaries has became members of the steel group since 2005, the number of plants and production units has inreased in the region. The solution of IT and telecommunications services in the Central European region was considered as a real challenge. Since RUUKKI has built its first factory in Hungary in 2006 and intended to build more, only that service provider has been considered who was able to follow up all of these changes. 

The project

According to Róbert Gyenis, they set the standard very high in connection with the IT and telecom service provider. They were looking for a company that provides full-scale telephone service and follows up RUUKKI's dynamic changes in the market, not only from software, but from hardware side as well. For example, if a new factory is installed in the region, the potential service provider is able to set up at short notice, and if it is necessary it can maintain remotely. When RUUKKI is expanding, the service provider is able to follow up their modular changes as well. Flexibility, compatibility, willingness to work overtime, even on weekends or work outside the office were very important aspects by decision-making.

MediKommunikáció, the service provider

Due to the service package considering the value for the price, and to the quick and flexible customer service, MediKommunikáció took advantage of other service providers and won the competition. The company which core business is based on design, programming, installation, sales, pre- and post-sales support of  telecommunicatinons networks, completed the project with Siemens products. At a later stage, as a result of RUUKKI's market expansion more project invitations were followed. Thanks to the high quality of services and products provided by MediKommunikáció, the steel group has achieved significant cost savings and could successfully realize with the new, modularly expandable products several modification, e.g. connecting different locations.

"By the first installation has been proved that we chose well", said Róbert Gyenis. "During a weekend more than 500 telephone extension has been installed by MediKommunikáció". "Well done", said the IT manager "from that point there was no doubt that we ask them for completing our special projects in Romania and additional professional works as well. Thanks to the excellent project management, MediKommunikáció still offers accurate and high-quailty service for RUUKKI".

MediKommunikáció's successful projects



  • RUUKKI's factory in Biatorbágy: installation and operation of Siemens HiPath 3750.


  • RUUKKI's factory in Jászberény: sale, installation, operation, leasing of Siemens HiPath 4000, and a half year later connecting external locations with the central factory via microwave.
  • RUUKI's factory in Romania: leasing and operation of Siemens HiPath 3550.


  • RUUKI's factory in Romania: installation and operation of HiPath 4000.
  • RUUKI's factory in Hungary: installation, operation and leasing of HiPath 3800.


  • RUUKI's factory in Romania: relocation and operation of small centers.


  • RUUKI's factories in Hungary: extend and reinstall of HiPath 3800 in Biatorbágy due to the merge of site locations.


  • Ongoing maintenance of existing systems.


The RUUKKI's website can be found here.