Structured network

Structured network

In every company's life happens that moves, new section is added, or is just launched on the market. In this case new computer or telephone endpoints need to be built in order to be structured and connected to a system. MediKommunikáció helps in the design and configuration of the system and fully completes the construction in those buildings which are still under construction.

Here we present the outline of the services provided by our company:

  • Survey, design, create a quote
  • Network installation, cabling, building connections
  • Construction of cabel channels
  • Authentication, instrument calibration, verification


Building and design networks

1. One building, one cabling
We undertake the complete wiring of buildings in which the wiring may be made of UTP unshielded twisted-pair cable, foil shielded twisted pair cable FTP, SFTP shielded twisted pair with foil and stockings, stocking STP shielded twisted pair and fibre optic cable. Because the structured cabling protocol is independent, it meets all the computing, telecommunications and building automation needs. The materials we use are long-lasting, high-quality products; furthermore, our certificated system installers ensure strict compliance with the assembly technology.

2. Modular building systems
We undertake construction intelligent systems of wiring buildings, such as

  • Computing Systems: twisted copper cable, coaxial cable, optical cable
  • WLAN Wireless Networks
  • PBX phone networks

3. Wide Area Networks
Our company is carrying out the institutional backbone, based on several buildings, including site planning and construction networks as well.

4. Copper cabling
We undertake to build networks within buildings UTP, FTP, SFTP, STP twisted four-pair copper wires. The network is equipped with 19 "rack-size cabinets with a star-shaped network, which include the directors and the active network elements. Depending on the size of the building, the wall cables leading to the terminal connectors are discussed in one or more of the director. The wires are located in cable channels outside the walls, in pipes or in ceiling plates inside the wall. ​​

5. Optical cabling
We undertake construction of buildings between trunk in the air, on the baluster, in the utilities underground tunnel, in the lining of pipes, and construction of an indoor optical trunk as well. The cable type is selected according to the circumstances. We carry out a wireless network planning, a construction within the building and between buildings, bridging even greater distances. All this includes the delivery and installationt of the 2.4 and 5GHz wireless LAN devices access points, routers, bridge and antennas in the local context.
6. Small Office Systems
We offer comprehensive services for office, information technology, telecommunications and customer requirements, so even carry out a complete system design and delivery of office as well. We undertake the construction of high-voltage or low-voltage networks, in case of need the development plan, and also mentoring. In addition, we assume the office networks, transporting supplies, installation and training of staff in the use of the system within a short period of time. We give full guarantee of our installed systems. Our service provides direct access to the operation, by regular using within the framework of the contract.