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Comparison of maintenance services


                                                                                                                Maintenance Services


  Type "A" -    Basic    Type "B" - Advanced  Type"C" - Full-scale
Technical support,   business hours Monday through Friday from 8 to 16 hours by fax, e-mail  + + -
Technical support,   0-24 hours by fax, e-mail - -  +
Troubleshooting, 5x8 hours per week, and on-call system to eliminate a serious error  +  +  +
Response time, 4 hours for time critical failures, any other time within 24 hours in case of other failures  +  +  +
Confirmation of error, within 1 hour of the filing electronically (e-mail) or by phone -  +  +
On-site presence, required for troubleshoot - -  +
Material requirement, the materials and the devices used in troubleshooting -  +  +
Fees are necessary to eliminate the errors  +  +  +
Programming, includes a limited number of basic changes -  + -
Programming, includes all basic changes - -  +
Bacis changes, some of the followings: name spelling, pickup, boss-secretary, PIN code lock, call forwarding, eligibility -  + +
Preventive maintenance, once every six months on-site preventive maintenance is performed (monitoring and analysis of fault history, investigating the possibility of an emergency and main-line connections, power control, control system database and save, control the director of the machine and line test, eliminate the errors) -  +  +
System management, preventively monthly (remote diagnosis, monitoring and analysis of the error list, monitoring and backup system database, eliminate the error) - -  +