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Mobility is simply, help with OpenScape Mobile!

For today’s enterprise, mobility is the most important of all communications. Simply adding mobility to an enterprise is not enough. Mobility needs to be integrated into the business processes in order to create a true competitive advantage. The customers, employees can communicate by seamlessly between each other and available the share applications, folders as you sit in your office.

OpenScape Mobile is our next generation mobile client platform, delivering SIP-based VoIP and a rich enterprise telephony feature-set to the latest iOS and Android smartphones & tablets. With OpenScape Mobile we can make contact easily with somebody and this is result in fast communication and the productivity will rise, the decision-making time will be down.

OpenScape Mobile introduces OpenScape Call Swipe which enables users to seamlessly move a call between devices, for example from their mobile device to a nearby desktop device, and vice-versa. One of the key benefits of moving a call from the Mobile network to WLAN is to save on mobile roaming charges. End-users can discover, download and install the

OpenScape Mobile application today from the Google Play or Apple Store online. OpenScape Mobile insures a fast, easy communication/admittance, and if the employees be off the office they can come up to the enterprise system safety. As you sit on your desk.